Mornings should be fun!

Remember when listening to the radio was fun? Yeah, so do we. That’s why we think it’s important to laugh about life at the start of your day. Sure, we need to be serious about certain things, but seeing life’s absurdities and laughing about them is part of a healthy Christian life –  and helps others see something in us worth investigating.

That’s where Mark & Mack come into the LifeRadio.FM picture. They’ve been making observations and laughing about life from a Christian perspective for years – and we think you’re going to enjoy their take on the world around us as they poke fun at themselves and practically everything else, while making some serious observations along the way.

About the Guys


Remember Y2K? New Year’s Day 2000 everyone everywhere awoke wondering if every computer on earth would freak out and throw the world into chaos.

But nothing happened. A lot of people felt really silly.

But something else happened not long after that. A radio station manager arranged a meeting between two guys who became morning show partners and took their morning show to number three in their city, and the top ranked Christian morning show in America (per Arbitron ratings for the top 50 markets in America).

Those two guys are Mark and Mack.

Mark Congleton and Dave Mack had never met before that day, but their personalities clicked and they became fast friends.

That friendship has seen them through that first morning show together, a morning TV show (#1 in it’s time slot), and other morning shows on other radio stations.


Dave went on to work for iHeart Radio and received the Addy Award for the best medium market talk radio show in Alabama 4 years running, and eventually joined the team of the Nancy Grace Show as an investigative reporter and producer.

Mark went on to become Director of Technology for the Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association, serving ten years on staff tending to computer needs and managing the ministry’s websites. Today he produces the weekly “Dawson Now” podcast for the ministry.

Now the guys are back together again, bringing laughter and life to listeners weekday mornings on




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