You may be asking, “Why does LifeRadio.FM have a “Support” page? Didn’t I hear commercials?”

You may have heard commercials. That’s because we are set up as a commercial operation and one of our purposes is to seek relationships with businesses and help them increase their customer base by introducing our listeners to their products and/or services. We will always seek to grow this relationship because we firmly believe that being part of a community, both locally and online, means working together to make everyone’s life better, and when we have commercial support and ask you to visit those supporters everyone wins. You win because you find a great source for what you need, and the businesses win because they find you.

But there’s something else we know about our audience.

Our listeners are the most loyal of any audience in the radio universe. Because they are loyal, they also like to show their support in ways which are more direct than spending their money with our advertisers. Because of this we’ve set up the option to directly support LifeRadio.FM through simple and secure apps used every day by people paying for things and receiving payments.

You’re probably wondering if these donations are tax deductable. They are not. We are not a nonprofit organization, so we can’t accept tax deductable donations. But we can still accept donations from people who just want to support what we’re doing because they believe in it.

Believing in something is why we’re doing what we’re doing. We believe in it so strongly that we’ve invested a lot of time and energy, and our own money, into building LifeRadio.FM.

We’re not seeking huge donations. In fact, most will probably give a few dollars each month or a small one-time donation. Many YouTubers have created business models and support their families on just such support. Instead of videos, were delivering great music and hosts to help you keep you focused on what matters most each day, your relationship with Jesus.

So, now you know why we accept donations. If you would like to support us pick one of the links below.

And – thank you.