Afternoons… RIGHT?

Whether it’s the school pickup run or the rush hour crush after work, we all need a little help putting a positive spin on the end of the day. Rusty Mace is the guy to help make those afternoons move in the right direction. With his wacky sense of humor and unique perspective on life, he’ll be sure to bring a grin to even the most stressful afternoon commute.

Not quite right

Rusty Mace isn’t your average DJ.

No, it’s not just those cool aviator shades that set him apart – he’s a dad, family guy, an entrepreneur, and can make a guitar beg for mercy.

Yeah, he’s got a band. It’s called “The Not Quite Right Band”. Yep, the name is a reflection of Rusty’s personality.

Rusty also runs his own media production company, so you may find him or a member of his team sitting at the audio and video control table for corporate functions, or crawling through church attics and basements running cables for cameras and sound equipment.


So yeah, he’s a “workin’ man”.

And that makes Rusty a great companion for that afternoon drive, because he knows what it’s like to live life, pay the bills, deal with family, and trust God every step of the way.

And laugh about it.