Not in the US, UK or Canada? No problem!

You can listen to LifeRadio.FM anywhere you have cellular service or WiFi – even if you’re not in our US, UK, or Canadian service areas. Just install a VPN* app and select the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada as your location. There are many VPN services to choose from, so if you do a quick search in your Apple or Android app store you’ll find one that’s best for you.

Three excellent options are:

ExpressVPN – iOS  Android
Nord VPN  –    iOS  Android
Surfshark   –    iOS  Android

If you live in our primary service areas and you’re traveling, see if you can find a free** trial of a VPN service. Many offer a 30 day test period and allow you to cancel within 30 days for a refund.

Other benefits of using a VPN while traveling include that websites and other services will usually be in English rather than the local language, and you can access your home TV service to keep up with local news and your favorite entertainment.


* VPN: Virtual Private Network. A VPN routes your online activity through a “tunneling” network to a router in the country of your choice. making it appear to anyone capturing your online info that you are in that country.

**There are free VPN services, but these usually offer slow speeds and other limitations.